5 things your dentist can learn by looking at your mouth

You flossed right before you came the appointment and that’s the only time you’ve flossed recently. Sorry folks, you’re not fooling us so just start doing it like your supposed to! Your bad breath could actually be the sign of something bigger. Certain smells mean certain thiRead More >>

Dental Care while pregnant

Some patients inquire if it is safe to go to the dentist while pregnant. Our answer is always, “Absolutely!” In fact, not only is it safe, it is also crucial to your overall health both during and after your pregnancy. Here are a few common concerns many women have. When should you tRead More >>

Keeping up with brushing through summer

It’s no secret that everything seems to be more relaxed during the summer. Days are longer, the pressure of the school year is off and there’s just more all-around fun to be had. But one thing that must stay the same is your good brushing habits for the kiddos. Since that is easier saiRead More >>