Surprising foods that are actually good for your teeth

We all know the things that we shouldn’t eat for healthy teeth, but what about things that are actually good for us? Here are a few foods that can help make your teeth healthier as you eat them! Cheese. Cheese and dairy products, in general, are a great source of Calcium, which your bodyRead More >>

What does it mean when your tongue is white?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed your tongue looked white? While changes in the color of your tongue can be alarming, there's no need to panic. Many of the causes are harmless and easily fixable. The white that you’re seeing is swollen papillae. Papillae are fleshy raised pRead More >>

Tongue Trivia

We talk a lot about teeth, but your tongue is just as important for many reasons. Here are just a few amazing facts about the tongue. It houses between 3,000 and 10,000 taste buds that allow us to perceive taste. These sensory cells renew themselves each week. It makes it possible for us to eat,Read More >>