Diabetes and Oral Health Care

If you are one of the over 20 million people who suffer from diabetes, you know that it can lead to additional health problems including dental issues such as gum disease, dry mouth and thrush. Here are a few tips to help prevent dental problems.   Control your blood glucose level and Read More >>

What to eat for good dental health

We all know that candy; soda and other sweet are not good for our teeth. The sugar in these items is a key contributor to tooth decay. But what is good? Here are a few foods that will not only improve your dental health, but also your overall health as well.   Dairy items such as cheesRead More >>

The importance of brushing your tongue

You brush your teeth and floss regularly. But if you’re not brushing your tongue, you are skipping a key part of dental health. Thanks to their large surface areas and unevenness, tongues are a bacteria sponge. Studies have shown tongues can harbor over 700 different bacterial species. NRead More >>