New Year, New You

New Year, New You

It’s almost 2017. That means it is the season for resolutions. While you may have a few already decided, here are a few more to chew on!

Commit to daily hygiene routines.

Flossing is a forgotten but very important chore. Sometimes, people can even forget to brush their teeth in the evenings before bed. Make sure you know your dental routine and stick to it.

Consume less sugar.
This is a popular new year’s resolution already, for healthier eating and weight loss, but it’s also really great for your teeth. Stock your pantry with non-sugary treats for a stronger, brighter smile.

If it’s not food, don’t put it in your mouth.

In a pinch, it can be easy to forget that our teeth are not a third hand. Don’t hold keys, purses, pens, or anything else with your teeth. And don’t chew on ice–it can potentially break your teeth.

Come see Dr. Cody and Dr. Rob regularly.

We’ll say it: we miss you when you’re not around. But that’s not the most important reason to get regular dental check-ups. Not only will routine visits keep your teeth healthy and strong, but your teeth can also indicate other health problems and catch them early.

2017 is coming. You can do this! Happy New Year, everyone!