Diabetes and Oral Health Care

Diabetes and Oral Health Care

If you are one of the over 20 million people who suffer from diabetes, you know that it can lead to additional health problems including dental issues such as gum disease, dry mouth, and thrush. Here are a few tips to help prevent dental problems.

Control your blood glucose level and manage your diet by avoiding foods that are high in sugar.

Floss and brush both your teeth and tongue at least two times a day. Be sure to brush for at least three minutes – one and half minutes on both the upper and bottom teeth. Regular brushing will help prevent plaque buildup and remove food particles that could lead to tooth decay.

Be sure your dentist is aware of your diabetes. Talking about the disease with your dentist will ensure you receive the best care for your specific needs.

Schedule regular dental visits. While 2x per year is recommended, you might consider going more often so the dentist can stay on top of any new developments in your mouth that could be related to diabetes.