Keeping up with brushing through summer

Keeping up with brushing through summer

It’s no secret that everything seems to be more relaxed during the summer. Days are longer, the pressure of the school year is off and there’s just more all-around fun to be had. But one thing that must stay the same is your good brushing habits for the kiddos. Since that is easier said than done when there are more sleepovers, camps and time when the kids aren’t home, we have put together a few tips and tricks to help you.

Start with a new toothbrush. No matter your age, it’s always fun to get something new, right? Let your kid help pick out one that he or she likes.

Talk to your kid about the importance of brushing their teeth. Explain what happens when they don’t and why they need to do it even if you aren’t there to remind them.

If your kid is staying at someone else’s house, ask the adult that lives there to help make sure your kid brushes. If your kid has a cell phone, send them text reminders. With all of the fun .gif and emojis out there, you can even make it funny!

Establish a reward system or some other way to motivate. Award points for brushing and flossing and then display those points on a chart where your kid can see it regularly.

Maintain regular checkups with the dentist. One helpful tip is to schedule a checkup early in the summer so you can avoid the end-of-summer rush.