Kids Dental Health

5 tips for teaching kids to brush

We all know that good dental care starts at a young age, but if you’re a tired, worn-out mom that is sometimes easier said than done. Here are a few tips for teaching your kids to brush that will hopefully let you skip the complaining and whining that they don’t want to do it.

Make it fun. Put on some music and turn brushing into a two-minute dance party. Not big into dancing? No problem, turn tooth time into story time by reading them their favorite book while they brush.

Create a routine and do it, whether you want to or not. The more second nature it becomes the better.

Rewards. Find what motivates your little one and once they achieve a certain goal, reward them. Not only do they get something but they also see the results of doing the right thing.

Make it a family affair. There’s no better teacher than learning from others. Try setting an example and brush at the same time as your child.

Let them choose their toothbrush at the store. If brushing with a Peppa Pig toothbrush makes them happy and means they will be more likely to want to brush then that’s great!