Strong bones, strong teeth

Most of us think we only need calcium for strong bones, but it also plays a big role in healthy teeth. In fact, almost all of the calcium in our body is stored in our bones and teeth.

So why is calcium so important? Not only is it important for strengthening bones and teeth, but it is also important for our blood vessels, muscles, and fluids. Not getting enough calcium can lead to disorders such as osteoporosis and periodontal disease.

All ages and genders need calcium to maintain healthy teeth and bones, but how much you need can vary from person-to-person. According to the

National Academy of Sciences, here are a few general guidelines for the Recommended Calcium Intakes based on age

  • Babies 0-12 Months – 200mg-260mg
  • Children 1-3 Years – 700mg
  • Children 4-8 Years – 1,000mg
  • Children & Teens 9-18 Years – 1,300mg
  • Adults 19-71 Years – 1,000mg
  • Adults 71+ Years – 1,200mg

So how do you get the calcium you need? Try eating calcium-rich foods like dairy products like yogurt, cheese, and milk; green, leafy vegetables such as greens, spinach, and kale or cereal. You can also take a daily multi-vitamin as many of these contain calcium.