How to ease your fears about the dentist

Does the idea of a visit to the dentist leave you sweaty, nervous and just plain scared? If so, you aren’t alone. Research shows that an estimated 9 to 15% of Americans do not see a dentist due to anxiety or fear. However, dental care is a key component to living a healthy life. Here are a few tips for overcoming your fear and making sure you take care of yourself.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Choose a dentist who listens and understands your fears. At Jackson Dental, we pride ourselves on our communication with patients from the moment you schedule your appointment through the treatment process. Our staff listens and develops a treatment plan that works for you and your comfort level.
  2. Identify the reason for your fear. Was it a prior dental experience? Is it the sound of the drill or other appliance noises? Are you self-conscious about your teeth? If you know what bothers you, let your dentist know. Dental techniques and the patient experience have improved greatly over the years. Many dentists are now able to provide alternative treatment options and have modified offices to create a more inviting patient experience.
  3. Take someone with you. Having a friend or loved along can sometimes ease your fears and help you take your mind off of the process.
  4. Ask questions. Yes, dentists are experts, but your mouth is your mouth. Before any treatment begins, have the dentist explain what is happening in terms you understand and the level of pain you can expect.

Regular dental visits are essential for overall health. Don’t let fear keep you from living a healthy life. Give us a call today and let us walk with you step-by-step through the dental process to help alleviate any fears or concerns.