Poor nutrition and dental health

Remember the good ole’ days of eating whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted? While kids might get away with a poor diet and not pay the price when it comes to their pants size, it’s important to remember that eating right is not just about your weight but also about your overall health.

In honor of National Nutrition Month, here are a few of the ways a poor diet can impact your health particularly your dental health.

  1. Increased risk of infection. Your body needs certain nutrients to help it fight off viruses and infections. Not giving it what it needs could leave you more vulnerable to diseases such as periodontal disease, which is a major cause of tooth loss in adults.
  2. Tooth decay. Sugar is enemy #1 when it comes to your teeth. Consuming a high-sugar diet especially from foods and drinks with no nutritional value such as cookies, sodas, and fruit drinks wears away the enamel on your teeth increasing your risk of cavities and tooth decay. Instead of foods with added sugars, look for those with natural sugars such as fruits, milk and vegetables.
  3. Tea, coffee, red wine – all of these are likely to stain your teeth. While we aren’t saying give them up all together, it is best to limit your intake and drink plenty of water.
  4. Inflammation. Just like joints, gums are susceptible to inflammation. Eating foods that are high in saturated fats and refined foods can contribute to inflammation.

No matter your age, good nutrition is important for a healthy life. If you are worried about tooth decay, gum disease or are in need of cosmetic or restorative dental services, give us a call today at 573-243-5200 to schedule an appointment.