Don’t forget your teeth as you travel

Ahh, summer – lazy days, no schedule and of course, vacation. But, before you head out this year on your family’s next adventure, make sure you don’t neglect your teeth. Sure, skipping brushing once won’t keep them from coming with you on this getaway, but it can have an impact on whether they’ll be coming with you on your 70th getaway! So before you head out here are a few things to remember:

  1. We want to see you. Be sure to schedule your regular appointments around things like vacation, summer camps and other summer activities. It’s only every 6 months and it could prevent bigger visits in the future.
  2. Know our number. Dental emergencies usually happen at the most inconvenient times. The good news is a lot can be sorted out of over the phone or we can provide recommendations for you to get the help you need wherever you are so be sure to put 573-243-5200 (that’s us J) as a favorite in your phone.
  3. Don’t forget your toothbrush! We know it’s not as much fun as the pool toys and the speaker for your favorite tunes, but it’s important. Good news is if you do forget it it’s not an expensive purchase to replace for a week. Plus if you remember the toothpaste, you can always use a well-washed finger.
  4. Don’t just throw your toothbrush in your bag. Be sure to cover it up while your traveling and then open the container or baggie when you get there to let it air out.
  5. Chew sugarless gum. If you’re flying, gum can help relieve ear pressure during the flight while keeping cavities at bay by helping you produce saliva to wash away cavity-causing bacteria. Win win!
  6. Enjoy yourself. Dental care is great and very important, but so is having fun. So indulge in those treats, don’t beat yourself up if you forget to floss and most of all make memories to come back and tell us about at your next appointment.