Facts & Myths about Wisdom Teeth

Did you know only about 65% of people will grow wisdom teeth?

Here are some facts and fallacies about wisdom teeth that are sometimes misunderstood.

Your wisdom teeth will appear by the time you’re a teen
MYTH: While it is common for wisdom teeth to emerge during your late teen years, they can grow in during your early twenties.

Wisdom tooth discomfort is not a big deal and will go away on its own
MYTH: Many people assume ignoring the pain will make it go away. However, it can actually lead to complications later on. If impacted wisdom teeth are not removed, they can lead to cysts, sinus problems, jaw damage, and a variety of other issues.

The number of wisdom teeth varies from person to person
TRUTH: Most people grow zero to four wisdom teeth. While it is rare for someone to have four or more wisdom teeth, it is not impossible. Genetics, such as the size of jaw someone has is a factor.