Seasonal allergies and tooth pain

Spring is starting to make its appearance in Southeast Missouri. That means longer days, more sunshine and unfortunately for many – the return of pollen. If you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, probably all you can think about is the sneezing, watering eyes, sinus headache and for some, tooth pain.

What, tooth pain? Yes, seasonal allergies can cause tooth pain in some individuals. But why, you ask? It all has to do with the sinuses.

Sinuses are the hollow spaces inside your head. And while they are busy waging a war against pollen and dust, they fill up with mucus, which causes pressure. If the pressure builds up in the sinuses that are located above your mouth, it can cause tooth pain by pushing down on your teeth.

So what can you do? Unfortunately not much more than you’re probably already doing such as taking antihistamines, using a cold compress on your face, staying hydrated, and most importantly, continuing to brush and floss regularly!

While it may seem like a nuisance when you don’t feel well, seasonal allergy pain is no reason to skip on dental hygiene. In fact, it’s even more important when you are dealing with dry mouth, which is another common symptom of seasonal allergies.

Also, keep an eye on your tooth pain. If it disappears or is relieved by seasonal allergy treatments then that probably is the cause of it. If it continues, it could be a sign of a larger problem that you want to reach out to the dentist about.

As always, maintaining regularly scheduled dental checkups are key to good dental health. Whether it’s been awhile since you’ve been in or you are currently looking for a new dentist, give us a call today at 573-243-5200.