The power of a smile

You may not realize it but your smile has a lot of power. From spreading joy to those around you to producing chemicals that help fight disease, finding a reason to smile daily is so important to your overall health. Don’t believe us? Check out these 10 facts about the importance of smiling that will brighten your day: 

1.) Smiling reduces your heart rate during stressful situations.  

2.) If you’re smiling while watching a comedy, you’re more likely to laugh!  

3.) Smiling produces higher levels of dopamine which can help fight depression.  

4.) By laughing, you can increase your pain tolerance!  

5.) Studies have found links between smiling and reduced blood pressure.  

6.) Psychologists have found there are 15 types of smiles, all with different meanings. Not every smile is an expression of happiness!  

7.) Babies smile before they are born! With 3D ultrasound technology, doctors have discovered that babies smile in the womb.   

8.) Smiling is more contagious than the flu! Humans tend to mimic each other’s emotions, so if one person is smiling, it’s likely to catch on. 

9.) Studies have found the most attractive feature to be the smile. Smiles are often the first feature noticed upon meeting someone.  

10.) Women smile a lot more than men. On average, women smile 62 times a day while men only smile 8 times a day.  

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