How your favorite beverages impact your teeth

A lot of us rely on our morning coffee or soda to get us through the workday. However, the sugar, chemicals and colors in your favorite drinks can cause long-term damage to your teeth! Cavities, discoloration and weakened tooth enamel are all commonly associated with regular consumption of beverages like soda and coffee. 

Below, we’ve listed the worst beverages for your teeth and ways to prevent damage without completely giving them up.  


Soda is one of the worst drinks for your teeth. It’s full of sugar, carbonation and countless chemicals that can wear down tooth enamel and cause cavities to form. Also, regular consumption of soda can lead to discoloration and impact the cosmetic appearance of your teeth. For heavy soda drinkers, try to avoid dark-colored sodas which cause more damage than light-colored options. The best way to prevent damage to teeth is to avoid soda completely.  


Coffee isn’t terrible for your teeth, unless you add the sugar. As with any sugar-laden drink, regular consumption can lead to cavities and tooth enamel damage. Without added sugar, coffee can still cause tooth discoloration, but that can be prevented by drinking through a straw and practicing good oral hygiene. 


Alcohol is another drink that can cause major damage to your teeth if consumed regularly. First, alcohol dries out the mouth, reducing salvia production which is necessary for washing away food particles and bacteria. Second, a lot of major alcoholic brands add sugar to their drinks. This excess sugar can lead to cavities. To prevent damage, limit alcohol consumption, stay hydrated with water and reach for drinks without added sugar.  

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