5 tooth-healthy after school snacks

School is back in session, which means after school snack time is also back. However, most store-bought snack options are full of sugar—the ingredient that causes cavities. So, before you grab the candy and chips, check out these tooth-friendly snack alternatives.

They’re easy, delicious and won’t cause those nasty cavities.

Yogurt with fruit

Yogurt is a great tooth healthy snack option, especially sugar-free Greek yogurt. It is high in calcium and Vitamin D, which both help protect tooth enamel. 

Let your child top their yogurt with nuts, berries and honey for extra nutrients. 


Almonds, Brazil nuts and cashews are great at helping fight the bacteria that leads to tooth decay. They’re also packed full of nutrients like selenium, iron and calcium.

Peanuts are another fun snack, full of Vitamin D—a tooth and gum strengthening vitamin. 

Veggies and hummus 

Want to know a great alternative to the classic chips and dip? Try veggies and hummus. 

Just chop carrots and celery into small dippable bites, then let your child dip away with a protein-packed hummus. Pro tip: If you buy the crinkle cut carrots, they’ll even look like chips! 

Tea and flavored water

After school, kids might be tempted to reach for a can of soda, one of the worst drinks for tooth enamel. Although staying hydrated is important to oral health, it’s also important to stay hydrated with the right type of drinks. 

Help protect your child’s teeth by giving them flavored water or green tea instead. Green tea also contains fluoride, which can help protect against tooth decay! 

Seaweed sushi wraps 

Seaweed contains a high concentration of fluoride, one of the most valuable nutrients for your teeth. Fluoride helps protect teeth from cavities by strengthening them, and reversing early signs of tooth decay. 

Implement fluoride into your child’s after school snack by rolling rice and avocado into small seaweed wraps. It’s a fun, easy and tooth-healthy alternative! 

While you’re preparing those tooth-friendly snacks, don’t forget about the importance of the dentist! Book a cleaning for your child by calling (573) 243-5200 or stopping by Jackson Dental’s office at 3100 E Jackson Blvd., Jackson, Mo.