How to choose the best toothbrush

You walk into the store, and you’re met with rows of colored toothbrushes in every shape and size. They advertise different benefits; they cost different prices, and you have no idea which one is right for you. Every 3 months, dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush. Usually, you choose whichever one you bought last time. 

But are you actually using the best toothbrush for your needs? Read about each part of a toothbrush, and learn what might be best for you. 

Bristle firmness

You may see the words “soft” and “medium-soft” written on the box of toothbrushes, but what do those words actually mean? Both are related to bristle firmness. Generally, dentists recommend soft toothbrushes, as they bend enough to provide a thorough clean. 

However, if you feel like the bristles are too soft, it’s up to you to choose what feels best for your teeth! Medium toothbrushes also provide a good clean with stiffer bristles, but have a higher risk of damaging gums. 

Brush shape

Toothbrushes are generally available in two shapes: rectangular or diamond-shaped. Recently, diamond-shaped toothbrushes have become more popular, as their shape allows easier reach in narrow spaces. 

There is no “right” shape, and most dentists will tell you it depends on what feels most comfortable in your mouth. 

Toothbrush size 

Size is one of the most important factors of a toothbrush, because all mouths are different! When toothbrush hunting look for a handle and brush that can comfortably fit in your mouth and help reach every space. 

Electric, manual or sonic 

Many prefer manual toothbrushes, as they’re normally sleeker and give you more control when brushing. However, electric and sonic toothbrushes will increase your number of brushstrokes significantly, and they are a great tool for those with dental appliances, since they’re able to clean around metal more thoroughly. 

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