Dentist-friendly stocking stuffers

Christmas is upon us, which means gifts are waiting to be wrapped and stockings are waiting to be stuffed. Instead of filling your child’s stocking with candy, try sneaking in a few items to keep their teeth healthy.  Here are some fun dental-hygiene items that children (and adults) would love as gifts! 

Electronic toothbrushes 

Not only are electronic toothbrushes fun, they also help your child clean their teeth more effectively. The vibrations and rotations of the electronic brush help break up the plaque and build-up on teeth easier than a manual toothbrush. Although you may think all electronic toothbrushes are expensive, there are plenty of inexpensive options online.  

Fun toothbrush holders 

Make the whole toothbrushing experience enjoyable with fun, decorative toothbrush holders. From animals to monsters, there are so many unique options to choose from.  

Flavored toothpaste 

A lot of children may be opposed to the taste of popular minty toothpastes, which is why other flavors of toothpaste exist. Pick up a couple fun flavors to stick in your family’s Christmas stockings. There are flavors ranging from strawberry to bubblegum to chocolate!   

Sugar-free gum 

If you’re looking for a tooth-friendly snack to put in your child’s stocking, sugar-free chewing gum is a great alternative. Chewing gum increases the salvia in your mouth, which helps ward off bad bacteria, plaque and wash away food particles.  

Musical toothbrushes 

Interactive toothbrushes are a great way to make brushing teeth fun for kids. There are many electronic toothbrushes that have built-in sound effects and music to engage kids and even promote healthy brushing techniques! Also, don’t forgot the infamous “Tooth Tunes” brushes that played popular songs for 2 minutes to ensure adequate brushing time. 

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