How seasonal allergies affect oral health

Spring is just around the corner with blooming flowers, sunshine, warmer weather – and allergies.

According to CDC data, almost 20% of adults in the United States suffer from seasonal allergies that leave you coughing and sneezing and affect your oral health.

Before spring officially arrives, here’s how allergies can affect your oral health and what steps you can take to keep your mouth happy and healthy.

Dry mouth

A dry mouth is one of the most common effects of allergies on oral health. When sinuses and nasal passages are blocked, you tend to breathe through your mouth, which causes saliva to dry up and results in a dry mouth. Help prevent dry mouth by drinking plenty of water, taking nasal decongestants, and avoiding alcohol or other dehydrating drinks.

Swollen gums

Inflammation of the sinuses can cause swollen tonsils and gums, which makes brushing your teeth harder. Treat swollen gums by rinsing twice daily with warm salt water, drinking plenty of water, and gently brushing your teeth.

Bad breath

During allergy season, bacteria build up in your mouth and cause bad breath. If you find yourself struggling with bad breath, try replacing your toothbrush. Be sure to use a mouth brush and brush your tongue, too.

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