Flossing tips for a healthy smile

Yes, we know it’s easy to skip flossing. But did you know flossing is just as important to the health of your smile as brushing? Dentists recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day and floss your teeth at least once a day.

Here are some flossing tips to ensure you’re taking care of your smile.

Use a longer piece of floss

When flossing, it’s important to start with a long enough piece so you have a clean section to floss between each tooth. It’s recommended that you start with about 18 inches of floss. This length should ensure you have enough to get between each tooth without reusing sections and causing bacteria build-up.

Gently curve the floss

Once you reach the base of the tooth, gently curve the floss. This helps make sure you’re getting the food particles that may have gotten stuck below the gum line. 

Use a back-and-forth motion

When flossing it might be hard to reach between certain teeth or get the floss back out from between teeth. It should help to use the same back-and-forth motion to move floss out from your teeth as you used to reach between them. 

Take your time

Don’t rush the process. Floss your teeth gently and take your time to avoid damaged or bleeding gums. If you haven’t flossed in a while, you may experience some bleeding. By taking your time, you can avoid irritating your gums further. 

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