Diabetes and Oral Health

If you are one of the 29.1 million people living with diabetes, you know how tough chronic disease can be on teeth and oral health. If left untreated, diabetes can cause dry mouth due to lessened saliva production, an increased risk of cavities, inflamed and bleeding gums, loss of taste, and increased risk of infections inside your mouth.

So what can you do to keep diabetes from taking a toll on your oral health? Work with your dentist to create self-care and professional care plans that include regular dental appointments to detect problems early, blood sugar control practices including a healthy diet and exercising, and good daily oral hygiene such as brushing twice a day, cleaning dentures daily, and avoiding smoking.

At Jackson Dental, we want you to live as long and healthy of a life as possible. If diabetes is something you are dealing with, give us a call and let us help you set up a dental care plan to make sure you are taking as good of care of yourself as possible.