Tooth Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving

Not only is it delicious but also your Thanksgiving dinner may actually be good for your teeth! Here’s a look at some Thanksgiving dinner staples and how they measure up when it comes to tooth-friendliness.

Packed with protein the centerpiece of most Thanksgiving dinners is a star when it comes to tooth health. Sure it may tend to get stuck in your teeth but its nothing a little flossing can’t take care of so eat up!

Cranberry sauce
A Thanksgiving tradition? Yes. Good for your teeth? Not really. Cranberry sauce tends to have a lot of added sugar and it can stain teeth. You might want to pass on eating too much of this dinner staple.

Mashed potatoes
Unfortunately, this dinner table staple contains a lot of starch, which can attract bacteria and lead to cavities. Instead of loading your plate with potatoes, try adding vegetables such as carrots or green beans instead.

Pecan pie
While delicious, this pie is your teeth’s worst nightmare. Not only does it contain hard nuts that can get stuck in your teeth but it also takes a lot of sugar and syrup to make it’s filling. Instead of pecan pie, try adding pumpkin pie to your plate. Pumpkin is a nutrient-dense food that contains a ton of awesome and important minerals like zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C.

While it’s important to take care of your teeth, it’s also important to enjoy your holiday. So go ahead and indulge in all of your favorite foods. Just make sure you brush & floss regularly and wash them down with lots of water.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Jackson Dental!