10 fun facts about teeth

When it comes to teeth, the dentist knows all. But with these 10 fun facts, you’re sure to impress the dentist with your knowledge! 

  1. The tooth fairy accounts for inflation. In 1950, children found 25 cents on average beneath their pillows in exchange for their teeth. Today, it’s risen to $2 on average! 

2)   Most people say George Washington had wooden teeth, but that’s false! Washington’s dentures were made from a mix of ivory, gold, human teeth and hippo husks. Yes, that’s a right, hippo husks. 

3)   Which hand do you write with? If you said right, you most likely chew your food on the right side too! Meanwhile, lefties tend to chew their food on the left side of their mouths. 

4)   Buying candy as a child is a rite of passage. For children in the United States, this means lots and lots of bubble gum. On average, children in the U.S. spend a total of $300,000 on gum each year! 

5)   Do you hate flossing? If so, you’re not alone. 73% percent of Americans would rather go grocery shopping than floss. 

6)   Watch out for toothpicks! The small, wooden item is the most-often choked on item for Americans. Also, frequent tooth picking can lead to gum damage and infection, so maybe it’s time to quit the habit. 

7)   On average, women smile 62 times a day while men only smile 8 times a day. Why? A Yale study suggests the shocking difference is due to women having a more expressive nature.  

8)   Teeth are not bones! Yes, they are similar in many ways, but unlike bones, teeth do not produce bone marrow so they can’t be officially categorized as bones.  

9)   Teeth are the hardest substance in the body. Being comprised of 96% minerals, they beat out every bone for being the hardest matter. 

10)  People say a smile is the first physical feature they notice about a person. One statistic says 60% of adults are attracted to someone by their smile alone!  

We hope you enjoyed these 10 fun teeth facts! Be sure to smile, and call Jackson Dental to schedule a cleaning, consultation or appointment at 573-243-5200.