How to heal a burned tongue

It’s hot drink season. That means lots of mugs full of hot, soothing teas, coffees, and of course, hot chocolate! The downside to all the delicious drinks? A burnt tongue.  

Here are some of our tips to soothe and heal a burnt tongue: 

  • Stay hydrated with water. Right after the burn hits, drink a glass of cold ice water. The temperature of the water will help quickly soothe the burning sensation while the water will keep your mouth hydrated. Ample hydration is the key to a speedy recovery.  
  • Avoid warm food and drink. Try to stick with cold foods the first day or two after a burn. Consuming warm foods could further irritate and harm the tongue. It’s also best to avoid sticky foods that may linger on the damaged area. Instead, reach for cold, easy-to-eat foods like applesauce, yogurt or fruit cups. 
  • Swish with saltwater! Swishing with saltwater is one of the most effective remedies for a mild burn or tongue injury. Salt water rinses act as an antiseptic to decrease swelling and pain while keeping your tongue clean and preventing bacterial build-up. Need a saltwater rinse recipe? Try adding ½ tsp of salt to one cup of warm water. Swish for 10-12 seconds before spitting. 
  • Reach for the honey. Honey has antimicrobial properties which is a fancy way of saying it helps prevent bacterial-growth. This time-honored cure speeds up the healing process and has been used for centuries to soothe burns and provide relief.  

If none of these home remedies are working, schedule a visit with Jackson Dental, and we’ll figure out what the best treatment option is for you. Call us at 573-243-5200 today to schedule an exam, cleaning, x-ray or other service vital to your overall oral health.