The importance of dental X-rays

A vital part of your dentist appointment, X-rays are great at offering a look at issues that simple oral examinations might miss – especially problems with developing teeth or small areas of decay and bone loss. 

Here is a look at the X-ray process and how it is beneficial to you. 

How it works 

X-rays are a form of radiation that passes through soft tissue and allows a doctor, dentist or professional to see underlying problems and issues. With dental X-rays, the procedure is done quickly, comfortably and safely. Areas of tooth decay and infection will show up darker in the image as they won’t absorb as much of the X-ray. 

Problems to check for 

Almost everyone, no matter how thorough their brushing routine is, will have a cavity in their lifetime. American adults aged 20 to 64 have had an average of 3.28 cavities. Checking for common dental problems—such as the cavity—is why dental X-rays are an important part of dental health. 

Tooth decay, problems with fillings, bone loss, infected root canals and cysts can all be detected in dental X-rays. Based on these images, dentists can form a plan to solve these issues and make your mouth a lot happier. 

When to get an X-ray 

If this is your first time visiting the dentist, dental X-rays are recommended, so your dentist can easily diagnose problems while reviewing your current oral health. For a typical patient, dentists recommend getting an X-ray once a year. For patients with underlying dental problems such as frequent tooth aches, bleeding gums, gum disease, or other tooth-related issues, x-rays may be recommended more frequently. 

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