Cavity prevention tips and tricks

Cherry pies, sugar cookies, candy canes, gumdrops and fruit cake. There is no shortage of sweet treats when it comes to the holiday season. But with increased sugar intake comes increased risk for cavities, so pay extra close attention to the health of your pearly whites this season, and follow our tips for cavity prevention!  

Avoid sticky desserts 

Why? Sticky desserts have a tendency to linger on your teeth longer than other desserts, which means more risk of developing cavities! If you do find yourself indulging in dried fruits, taffy or gummy candies, make sure to brush your teeth afterwards.  

Brush after eating 

Brushing your teeth about an hour after eating is one of the best ways to prevent cavities, because it prevents sugar particles from lingering on your teeth. However, don’t brush right after eating when the teeth are most sensitive. Wait an hour, or at least half an hour, for your tooth enamel to harden again. Then, brush all that cavity-causing sugar away! 

Eat dessert first 

Mother always said to eat dessert last, but that’s not what the dentist says. Eating dessert last means the sugar has time to linger and decay teeth, so making dessert part of the meal can help. (Or, eating dessert first!)  If dessert must be eaten last to stick with tradition, drinking milk with it can help eliminate lingering sugar by neutralizing the acid and preventing tooth decay.   

Drink plenty of water  

Hydrate and improve the health of your teeth by drinking plenty of water during and after meals. Water aids in rinsing teeth, removing sugar particles and reducing plaque build-up.  

Don’t forget to floss 

Flossing is the often-forgotten way to prevent cavities and plaque build-up. Regular flossing removes food particles stuck between teeth that can lead to bacterial growth and gum disease. Be sure to increase your flossing this holiday season!  

Schedule a visit to the dentist 

This is an obvious one! Schedule a cleaning with Jackson Dental, and we’ll ensure your teeth are healthy and cavity-free. (If not, we’ll get those cavities filled, of course!) Call us to schedule an appointment today at 573-243-5200.