Healthy Thanksgiving Dishes

Cranberry sauce, bread and pumpkin pie: It’s safe to say Thanksgiving isn’t known for having the healthiest dishes. If you’re wanting to benefit your overall (and oral) health this holiday, try one of these equally delicious, but healthy Thanksgiving alternatives. Your body and your tastebuds will thank you! 

Butternut squash 

Butternut squash is the perfect fall staple and pairs well with other Thanksgiving dishes. It’s also super easy to make! Preheat the oven to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit and roast your cubed butternut squash for about 20 minutes or until desired tenderness. Bonus points if you add cinnamon! Check out this recipe for more information.  

Honey roasted carrots 

This is another super easy recipe that easily fits in with your tradition casseroles and side dishes. All you need: carrots, honey, olive oil and an oven to roast it in. This is also super low calorie for those following diets this holiday season. Try this recipe if you’re interested.  

Oven-roasted autumn salad 

Preheat the oven and toss your leftover autumn fruits and vegetables in some light olive oil. The best foods to use for this are figs, grapes, apples, beets and arugula. But honestly, this one is perfect for mixing and matching what you already have! Check out this example recipe or wing it.  

Quinoa salad 

This is a filling dish packed with whole grains, vitamins and minerals. Grab your choice of quinoa and after cooking it, toss it with roasted Brussel sprouts, squash, beets, pears and whatever fresh fruits you desire. Get some inspiration with this recipe 

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