Wisdom teeth facts

Wisdom tooth surgery is one of the most common surgeries, as millions of people have theirs removed every year. But how much do you really know about those extra molars that cause so many problems? 

Here’s some facts about wisdom teeth, also known as your “third molars.”

A lot of wisdom teeth won’t erupt

This means you likely won’t see your wisdom teeth emerge from your gums. It’s likely at least one of your four wisdom teeth will be impacted, which means the tooth is trapped in the jawbone or by other teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth cause pain and could change the alignment of your other teeth, so they’ll need to be removed.

We haven’t needed wisdom teeth for a long time

At one point, wisdom teeth served a purpose. Our early ancestors had a coarser diet which required a broader jaw, so this extra set of molars was able to fit without causing issues. Today, our diets and habits have changed, and we no longer need this third set of molars. A lot of people will get their wisdom teeth removed, but it is possible for them to grow in without complications!

Wisdom tooth removal is painless

If done with proper sedation, wisdom tooth removal surgery should be painless. It’s the recovery that could be more challenging, with some swelling in the cheeks and mouth, but it shouldn’t necessarily be painful. The entire recovery process takes a few days or a couple weeks, but with proper care and precautions, there’s nothing to be worried about. Remember, millions of people have their wisdom teeth removed every year!

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