Tooth-friendly breakfasts

Breakfast is often one of the sweetest meals of the day. Cereal, waffles, pancakes and granola bars are all go-to morning foods that tend to be high in sugar. To reduce your sugar intake and chance of cavities, we’ve put together a list of tooth-friendly breakfast ideas. 

Baked oatmeal

Oatmeal is a great healthy breakfast option and can be customized with different fruits, seeds and nuts. If you want a new twist on this classic, try baking it in the oven and serving it as “oatmeal bars.” We recommend substituting bananas as a sweetener, instead of refined sugar.

Greek yogurt

This is a great snack or breakfast option. It’s also full of calcium to help strengthen your smile! If you want the healthiest option, choose the sugar-free plain Greek yogurt. Then, add strawberries, honey, blueberries or whatever flavor you prefer afterwards. This will help cut back on any unnecessary sugar you may get from flavored fruit yogurt.

Vegetable scramble

Add some protein and fiber to your morning with a vegetable scramble. You’ll just need a few eggs, some peppers, spinach, or whatever vegetables you have in your fridge already! If you want to make this dish even healthier, try using egg whites.

Green smoothie

This is a great way to add green leafy vegetables to your morning! Kale and spinach work as a smoothie base, with bananas and apples as a sweetener. Add your preferred milk, water or juice to help blend your smoothie. It’s a delicious way to get more nutrients.

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