Flossing tips to upgrade your smile

Not many of us would leave the house in the morning or go to bed without brushing our teeth. This step of the dental care routine is considered non-negotiable, while flossing is often overlooked. However, flossing plays a pivotal role in preventing gum disease, cavities, and bad breath. Regular flossing helps keep these spaces that your toothbrush can’t reach clean, promoting a healthier smile! 

Here’s some flossing tips to incorporate into your dental care routine: 

Choosing the right floss 

Not all floss is created equal. That’s why you’ve got to find the right choice for your individual smile! There are various floss options, including waxed, unwaxed, tape, and even flavored floss. Experiment with different types to find the one that suits your preferences and is comfortable to use.  

Using enough floss 

Cut off about 18 inches of floss, and wind most of it around one of your fingers. Wind the remaining floss around the same finger on the opposite hand. This finger will collect the used floss. 

Learn correct movements 

Hold the floss tightly between your thumbs and forefingers, leaving about one inch of floss to work with. Then, gently guide floss between your teeth, avoiding snapping, which can irritate the gums. Curve around each tooth in a C-shape. 

Don’t reuse floss 

Move to a fresh section of floss as you progress through your teeth to avoid transferring bacteria. By using 18 inches of floss, this should allow you to use a fresh section for each tooth! 

Frequency matters 

Flossing should be a daily habit. Aim to floss at least once a day, preferably before bedtime. Consistency is key to maintaining a healthy, happy smile.  

Flossing may seem like a small step in your oral care routine, but its impact on your dental health is significant. Another way to ensure the health of your smile is to visit the dentist regularly. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen us, schedule an appointment with Jackson Dental by calling (573) 243-5200 or stopping by our office at 3100 E Jackson Blvd., Jackson, Mo.