Protect your teeth his Valentine's Day

Protect your teeth this Valentine’s Day

February is the month of love and with it comes all the deliciousness of Valentine’s Day candy. From chocolates to candy hearts, the options are endless! However so is the damage that can be done to your teeth by excessive sugars. At Jackson Dental we would never say to skip the candy altogether after all that is a big part of the fun of the holiday. But we do encourage you to limit your snacking and take advantage of these tips to protect your teeth while satisfying your sweet tooth.

Chocolates – Get a big heart-shaped box from your love? Or maybe you plan to sneak a few from the kids? Either way, we recommend avoiding anything that is chewy and can get stuck in your teeth like caramels or toffee. Instead, go for a piece of dark chocolate. It’s not as likely to get stuck and there is some research that says it might actually be good for you!

Hard candy – Tasty yes, but hard candies such as Jolly Ranchers and lollipops are also very hard on your teeth. If you crunch through them, you put your teeth at risk of chipping. If you choose to suck on them, then your teeth are exposed to sugar longer. So really it’s best just to skip these altogether.

Be smart – Want to enjoy a Valentine’s Day treat the healthy way? Choose sugar-free candies, drink lots of water and be sure to brush twice a day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Jackson Dental!