Pregnancy and dental care

Finding out you are pregnant can be a very exciting and nerve-wracking time, especially if it’s your first child. And while many women choose to keep it quiet for the first trimester, it’s very important that your dentist know if you are expecting and that you maintain regular cleanings and exams. Good oral health is crucial when it comes not only to your overall health but also to your baby’s health.

So how does pregnancy affect your mouth?
Pregnancy brings changes in hormones that can lead to swelling, bleeding, and irritation of the gums or what is known as “pregnancy gingivitis.” If left untreated, pregnancy gingivitis can turn into more serious forms of gum disease which is why it is crucial to continue to brush and floss at least two times a day while pregnant. If morning sickness is an issue, avoid brushing your teeth immediately after getting sick to limit the amount of stomach acid your teeth are exposed to.

Can I still go to the dentist?
A common question we get is “Can I go to the dentist if I’m pregnant?” and the answer is “Yes!” We highly recommend pregnant women continue with regularly scheduled cleanings and exams. Not only will this prevent larger, long-term problems, but it also gives you the opportunity to discuss with the dentist any pregnancy-related dental problems you might be having.

If you are unsure about dental care while pregnant, give us a call at 573-243-5200 and we can talk through your concerns and determine the best plan for you and your baby.